Monday, August 10, 2015

::Lime Sparkle::

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The whole last week felt like the hottest summer I've ever experienced.
Although it is the best time of a year to wear a yukata for summery events, the killer summer heat definitely makes us hesitant to walk outside in it.
We had a Yukata party at a club last weekend which, of course, made me attend in one of my favorite yukatas.

I wore this Lime-Light yukata which is made out of African batik.
For details of my first look in this yukata above from last month, come see the post about it HERE.

Since the party was at the dark club, I chose this obi in gold & silver.

It's reversible and made out of really soft fabric, so I twisted it to show both sides of gold and silver.

This voluminous ribbon tie is possible with this 4 meter long obi!

Zoris are not supposed to be worn with bare feet, but I couldn't resist doing it cause these are much more comfortable than Getas.... 

*Zori- a Japanese sandal, often made of straw or rubber and consisting of a flat sole held on the foot by a thong passing between the first and second toes.
*Geta - a traditional Japanese wooden clog that is worn outdoors, with a thong that passes between the first two toes and with two transverse supports on the bottom of the sole.

The party was so much fun! 
Pretty girls in bikinis, nice music played by DJs, amazing dance performances....

And surprisingly, I won the Best Dresser. Thanks to my friends who nominated me for the award!
My friend Lisa took this photo :P 
Can you tell how happy I was at the moment?? 

Thank you for reading.