Tuesday, August 4, 2015

::Fireworks Night::

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Fireworks shows represent fun summer events in Japan. 
It gives those who don't really wear kimonos daily a chance to wear yukatas.

Last weekend, one of the largest fireworks shows in Tokyo was held in Itabashi area of Tokyo.
The owner of my favorite Mexican restaurant invited me to see the show since he got some extra tickets for reserved seats by the river which are so hard to get.
Lucky me!

There is no reason not to wear a yukata for a special fun night!

Yukata : Furifu
Obi & Obi-age : Umeya
Obi-jime : CHOKO
Hair accessories : Otsuka-gohukuten

Mishmash tie as usual.
This obi is more than 4 meters long, so this is the easiest and quickest that I can do.

This yukata is made with very light fabric of polyester so it doesn't get so sticky after walking around with sweat in summer heat.
And of course it doesn't get wrinkly after washing it in a washing machine.

By the time we found our reserved seats by the river, we were already exhausted by walking around in a huge crowd from the station.
But when we saw the whole 90 min show so closely with beer in our hands, we realized it was worth our efforts!

I was so amazed by all the beautiful works which are created by "Hanabishi" (=pyrotechnicians in Japanese).
Gotta love Japanese summer :)

Thank you for reading.