Monday, May 25, 2015


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My mother and I had a great day on the last day of my stay in hometown.
Nagano has many places you can enjoy hot spring.
We drove over to Akane-juku before lunch.

View from the lobby.
It seemed like everyone just checked out from this hotel. 
There were just a few people at the lobby.

They have many pieces of antique furniture. 
I enjoyed just looking at them.

Hot spring!!! 
The view from the open-air bath was beautiful!

There were nobody but us. 
We had such a great time enjoying our private open-air bath.

After having a delicious soba noodle lunch,
my mother took me to a very nice cafe in the woods.

It was such a beautiful sunny day, we took our seats at their terrace.
Their coffee had nice aroma.
We had a luxurious time hearing tweets of birds without any background music.
It is one of the things we can't do in busy cities like Tokyo.

Green and fresh air :)
I just love my home with rich nature.

Thank you for reading.