Monday, December 1, 2014


Odaiba is one of popular bay-side places to spend weekends in Tokyo.
I was going to get something for my parents there.
That day was such a nice day,
and there were so many families and couples shopping and having lunch.

The view from Aqua City
I don't know why they built the statue of liberty there but yes,
we have a little New York here, too.

Lunch at Jin Din Rou
I heard Jin Din Rou is the second famous dim sum restaurant in Taiwan.

Ordered a set menu of Xiaolongbao with spicy Sichuan dish of tofu and minced meat.
nom nom! 

knit top : AZUL by moussy
shorts : MET
boots : H&M paris collection from last year
bag : Saint Laurent

The thing I came here for is this!
Original portrait :)
She drew and painted a piece in only about an hour looking at photos I brought in.

Quick draft she drew.
The finished work will be on another post soon.
I think this is a good suggestion for gift.

While waiting for the painting to be done,
They sell variety of cute sundries here.

They have so many holiday stuff :)

Kitchen brushes????

I got this wine stopper for less than US$3.
Many girls would love this place.
Everything is so cheap and cute!

Flying Tiger stores are located in more than 20 countries.
If you find one, this place is a must-drop-by.