Wednesday, April 9, 2014

::The Professor::

Last Friday was unforgettable!
I was looking forward to seeing Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Playing the Orchestra 2014" concert
at Santory Hall Roppongi, Tokyo.

He is one of the greatest contemporary music composer from Japan,
and the pioneer of electro music as a member of YMO.
He is known as Kyo-ju (meaning a professor in Japanese).
Many of his works are used for movies, commercials and TV shows.
I always wanted to see this concert since I found out I missed this last year.

The view from my seat was great.
You can hear sound flies beautifully from the stage.
Famous pieces of his "The Last Emperor" and "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence"
were breathtaking.
The entire show was too great to let myself blink.

The entrance of Santory Hall.

I already can't wait to see him play again.
Live music definitely nourishes my inspiration.

Thank you for reading.