Friday, April 4, 2014

::French and Italian cuisine for cheap :) ::

Had a great dinner at Oreno Italian & French in Aoyama.
This place is always full of people and hard to make reservations.
The reason is you can have rich French and Italian dishes for really reasonably price.

Sparkling wine is poured in a long glass.

Chefs cooking right in front of you.

Grilled lobster for 1280 yen (US$11)

Foie gras and beef steak also for 1280 yen.

Everything we had this time was soooo good.

Why they can do this is that we eat around tall tables without sitting down.
There are some tables for reservations that we can be seated,
but reservations are really hard to make.

This place is always like a buffet party,
and people come and go often like a bar or pub.

Girls should definitely avoid wearing high heels to come here :P
But their dishes are so good that I will try to make a reservation next time.