Wednesday, April 16, 2014

:: Again on Mt. Takao ::

Last weekend with my favorite couple on Mt. Takao.
They came over to my place and slept over the night before,
and we got up at 6 am even though we kept talking until 2 am.

This time, cherry blossoms are in full bloom! 
I was so impressed by beautiful views.

We did almost everything we can do there.
Passing this little gate after making a wish,
eating sweet rice cakes, hearing monks sing Heart Sutra, etc.....

The sky was a little bit foggy this day, 
we didn't get a sight of Mt. Fuji.

We had Soba noodle lunch at the same place I did last time.

Beautiful camellias.

Foot bath after a hike.

Since the weather has been getting warmer these days,
more people come here on weekends.

They open a beer garden during summer,
maybe next time we will come here by train for a beer party.

Thank you for reading,