Friday, November 21, 2014

::Antique Look in Kyoto::

日本語ver. HERE

As I already wrote in my last post,
I wore a kimono for the first day in Kyoto.
My dressing skill isn't so great yet and I could do only the very basic way of tying Obi.

I wore quick and simple updo I did while waiting for the train in Tokyo.

antique kimono I wore

with zouri my mother got me for my birthday.

They let me use the changing room at our hotel which wedding guests usually use.
I love vivid pink and yellow which brighten up dark and cool color of kimono.

wore And A clutch bag

things I got this time :)
The pink wrapping cloth is from the store I wrote about in previous post.

Glass obidome :)

These are pillows that go under your butt when you sit straight.
I always wanted it because it avoids the soreness of your feet while sitting on floor.