Wednesday, October 15, 2014

::Yummy Tokyo::

My latest yummy diary :))
Since I started liking sake and shochu, 
Japanese cuisine became even more enjoyable for me.
What I really like about shochu is that it doesn't contain any sugar.
Shochu is the good recommendation for those who have been going through low sugar diet.

One night at a newly opened restaurant in Shibuya.
They have so many choices of sake and shochu.

Stewed whole fish.

and lotus root with Japanese mustard that I tried for the first time.
It's really addicting!

And another night in Shinbashi, the city of business men.

Menu on the wall.

Meat on sticks, Yakitori :)
I want to explore and find more good places in this area.

Last Sunday, my friend and I had a tasty french lunch close to my place.

I had salad Niçoise, sparkling wine,

and vegetable spicy stew with couscous :)
Everything was so good and healthy with lots of veggies.

The lunch course came with sweet treat and coffee.

I had a nice quality time chatting with my friend.

Great food with nice friends.
What a luxury :)