Friday, August 1, 2014

::Yukata Weekend:: Saturday

日本語ver. HERE

Last weekend was really hot around 40 degrees C in Tokyo.
In this season, we see a lot of girls wearing Yukata,
very casual Kimono worn only in summer.
I wore mine for one of the biggest fireworks event in Tokyo last Saturday.

Yukata was worn for bathing a long time ago.
Now that many colors and patterns are available, 
we can enjoy Japanese traditional fashion with your own taste.
And it is much easier to wear than formal kimono.

This day, I wore a red Obi (waist belt) with my favorite yukata.

Hairdo :)

American lunch in Japanese fashion :))

No need to say.... I was the only one in yukata @ this restaurant.
Obi was squeezing my stomach so tightly that I couldn't finish my burger.

If you know Japanese animation Doraemon, you know what this is...

Walking in summer heat was very tiring.
Time to take a break :)

Berry smoothie & acai bowl.

The newest Gozilla movie is in theaters now.
There is a huge Gozilla behind The Ritz Carlton hotel in Roppongi.
So many people were taking photos in front of him on weekends.

The fireworks was amazing
but I forgot to take photos.

It was nice to see people having parties everywhere.
It made me feel like the summer is finally here.

Thank you for reading.