Monday, June 16, 2014

::Brazilian Lunch::

FIFA World Cup in Brazil started last weekend.
It's such a pity that Japan lost their first game,
but seems like so many people around the world are excited about this huge event.
My friends and I decided to have some Brazilian BBQ lunch to celebrate it!
Barbacoa is famous for churrasco.
This might be the best place to go when you have an urge to eat lots of tasty meat.

Painting of Brazilian flag at the entrance.

They have many signatures from soccer legends on the wall.

"All-You-Can-Eat" is their style.
you can pick all the colorful appetizers and veggies on the buffet counter.
The tip is not to pick anything oily here... 
If you do, your stomach will have no room for meat that comes in huge volumes later.

Staff walks around the tables with huge beef/chicken/etc... on a spit.

"Picanha" a representative of Brazilian BBQ.

We spent almost 2 hours at the restaurant
talking and eating too much.

It was such a fun lunch!

Thank you for reading.