Monday, October 16, 2017

::Halloween Edo Week::

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So the theme of the show at Tokyo Edo Week was Halloween.
Actually I have never dressed crazy for Halloween in my life so I didn't know what to wear. 
Maybe a kimono in pumpkin color??? 
But if I do that the look might be too boring....because the kimono itself is kind of semi-formal. 

The entrance of the event was decorated with bamboo art by Chikaken.
The previous post about the show is HERE

So.... Here I was at the stage of the show★

Meaween Cat♡

Let's take the ferris wheel like pattern of the kimono as spiderwebs. 
Halloween Party Cat Look★

The cat on my back is wearing a matching head dress with feather. 

I bought this head piece years ago, and this is the first time using it!

Mauve lips and nails with cat eyes.

Instead of zouri I always wear, I wore Diesel booties with fishnet tights.

Angel Jackson box bag♡

With Sayumi, the owner of KIMONO BIJIN.
Thank you for giving me many experiences as a kimono influencer.

With other models from the show. 
Lace and roses.

Modelling for the show gave me a chance to try new things with my kimono style. 
It was also interesting to see how other girls style themselves. 
Can't wait to see them again★

Here are two other looks with the same kimono↓

(Jul. 2015)

(Jun. 2017)

stage photos by Tokyo Calendar

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