Tuesday, November 29, 2016

:: Oshima Pop::

日本語ver. → こちら

I had some of my mother's kimonos sent to my apartment in Tokyo from her closet. 
One of them is this cute checkered Oshima kimono. 

Because the pattern is so simple, it can show different faces depending on with what accessories you pair it with. 

I chose this sparkly obi in gold and silver and emerald green scarf this time.

I wasn't thinking while picking up these items from my wardrobe, but accidentally the total look became a little holiday-ish in red, green and gold.

Caramel box bag from Sophie Hulme

To make it easier to walk in these booties, I folded the kimono a lot more than usual around my waist to make it shorter.  

Currently into editing photos with LINE Camera :)

In last February, I wore the same Oshima in a more sophisticated way to see plum blossoms in Tokyo. 
For the details of this look, click the link below ↓

(Feb. 2016)

The busiest month of a year is coming up! 
Hope everyone is planning the best way to end this year ★

Thank you for reading.


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