Thursday, October 15, 2015

::Wardrobe Plans:: Kimono in Fall 2015

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Kimono season is finally here! 
Most ready-to-wear kimonos on the market have linings which are called "Awase" and usually worn between October and May. (It isn't the rule that we must follow all the time, but this is the Japanese traditional way of celebrating each season mostly on formal occasions.)
But since the weather is getting warmer year by year, it is still too hot to wear an awase in the first half of October. 
I have some kimonos and obis in my wardrobe which I have't worn even once yet!!

Here are some of those that I really wanna wear in this season.

"Oshima-Tsumugi" which belonged to my mother.
Very valuable textile made for casual kimonos. 


<Obi 1>

<Obi 2>

<Obi 3>

I definitely need to wear this one soon! Since the pattern is so autumny.
The base color looks like black in this photo but actually is dark brown. 

Another obi.

<Obi 5>

<Obi 6>

And my first own "Homongi".
"Homongi" is a formal kimono which can be worn for weddings and other formal occasions.

Hand drawn roses.

Actually I have a little more in my closet that I've never worn yet. 
Hope I have more chances to wear a kimono this season :)

Stay tuned for my new kimono looks :)

Thank you for reading.