Monday, September 7, 2015

::Misoka Mode:: and a party at Park Hyatt

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The end of August 2015.
I did my very first "Misoka-Mode" at Meiji Shrine.
Misoka-Mode is a monthly visit to a shrine which is done on 30th day of every month. (28th in February.)

It was Saturday, and there was some big dance event going on in front of this main gate of the shrine. I was expecting a really quiet and calm visit but it was so loud and lively with the big crowd of dancers and people who came to see them.

I like the path from the gate to the main shrine. Full of nature.

And the next day, 31st of August.
We had a huge surprising party for our friends at Park Hyatt Tokyo.

Ball Room. It was such a gorgeous banquet room that I've ever been.

The entire party was so touching and impressive.

Hope I will come back here again to celebrate some of my friends.