Friday, July 17, 2015

::Twin Braids::

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Quick and easy updo with twin dutch braids for any occasions.
This style can be recreated with medium to long hair.
In the very humid weather like Tokyo in this rainy season, updos are always a way to go to avoid getting your hair fluffy and messy.

I wore this updo for my "lime light" kimono look from the previous post.

Separate your hair in half.
Make a dutch braid on the each side and tie the end with an elastic.

Roll up each braid into a bun and pin it in place. And you are done!
I have long bangs and curled them with a hair wand.

In the humid weather, curls don't last long so updos are much easier for me.
It also keeps your hair away from your neck so that it feels much cooler than when having your hair down.

Thank you for reading.