Friday, June 5, 2015

::Local Specialties::

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My trip to Nikko continues... The best part of this trip is just to relax and enjoy the hot springs and tasty dinner with the local specialties at hotel.
After seeing the huge waterfalls of Kegonnotaki, (link to the previous post HERE) we headed to our hotel around 3 pm. 

Our room had a private bathtub at the balcony.

Since we left home super early in the morning to avoid the traffic, we just wanted to dive into the beds to take a nap for a while. The air was cooler than it is in Tokyo and it was so comfortable taking a nap with the windows open.

After spending a couple of hours like that, we changed into yukatas for dinner.

The prix-fixe dinner with the local specialties.

Organic salad with smoked salmon.

Sashimi (raw fish)

Beef steak.

Hot pot dish with pork, tofu, and veggies.

Bamboo shoot rice....

And dessert plate at the end :)

The breakfast on the next day was awesome, too.

Day 2 in Nikko started from this suspension bridge near the hotel we stayed at.

It was soooo shaky..... 

We went down to the river and got on the boat!!

30 minutes of boat ride felt so good! 

My trip in Nikko continues....

Thank you for reading.