Friday, May 2, 2014

::Ralyzzdig Night::

Yuichiro Tokuda, a friend of mine who is a graduate from Berklee
and a great saxophone player had his last live performance
before his jazz tour in Jordan next month.
It was a great night!

Before we headed to the club, we had a nice seafood dinner.
These oysters are the biggest that I've ever seen!
I loved it.

The place where he played this time is called "All of Me Club" in Roppongi.
Almost all the seats were reserved for those who came for his performance.

Cosmopolitan and Jazz... feels good :)

I uploaded a short video from this performance on my Facebook and Instagram, 
if you are interested.
I stole this image of him from his website :P

His band, Ralyzzdig has released some albums. I like this one a lot :)
Hope they will have a great gig in Jordan!

Thanks for reading.