Friday, February 21, 2014

::all-u-can-eat weekend::

My last weekend was full of food!
Since it snowed really heavily in Japan last Friday,
I couldn't head out to town on Saturday for window shopping.

I had quality time with my mother who were stuck in Tokyo
because no train or bus was running back to her home.
We went to a cafe just 5 mins away from my place for breakfast.

Sunday, the weather was warmer and snow eventually melted...
I went out to Shibuya and found this famous cro-nuts (croissant doughnuts) place
and got these for tea time.

My man and I went to see "American Hustle" in Daiba.
It was a little bit long for me but I liked it.

Dinner at a Japanese style bar.
They had Dassai sparkling (rice wine) that was sold out everywhere else.
This brand got really famous in NYC and probably you know it too?
I used to not like sake that much,
but this one tastes really good :D

The sky was really clear after crazy weather...
Love this view.

Thanks for reading.